Transcend your current limitations and fully embrace your divine potential, you must conquer the fear of embracing your

authentic self



If fleeting, commonplace spiritual guidance, lacking in depth and personal connection, is the stumbling block in your journey, and you're ready to embrace a truly transformative experience — one so profound and uniquely tailored that both you and your community can't stop engaging with it — then Oracle Temples is designed for you.

GODDESSEs weren't

raised overnight…

and neither is the profound connection to the divine

and the understanding that everything you seek

is already within you because

  • Finding that unique spark within your spiritual practice can feel like navigating a labyrinth: pinpointing the exact needs of your soul's journey, then crafting a path that not only addresses but transcends those needs, is a profound challenge.

  • You aim to be something beyond the ordinary. In a world filled with spiritual guides and healers, finding your unique space—something that truly stands out and enriches the spiritual community—is essential.

  • Looking for something beyond the ordinary? In a world filled with spiritual offerings, distinguishing your journey with something genuinely impactful and unique is crucial.

  • Aiming to redefine spiritual excellence? The expectations for quality and depth in spiritual guidance are ever-increasing. Elevating your offerings to not only meet but surpass these standards is where Oracle Temples shines..

Navigating the creation of transformative spiritual experiences, from identifying your deep spiritual needs to delivering solutions that resonate, is no small feat... and you're tasked with achieving this across multiple offerings within Oracle Temples, each designed to meet you where you are on your journey.

So many mixed messages are in the spiritual arena, but you just don't know who to trust anymore, and you're tired of not getting the real connection you desire.

Creating a spiritual connection like you are THE ORACLE

The Oracle is not merely a figure or an entity but a profound embodiment of wisdom, insight, and divine guidance. It represents the ultimate spiritual mentor, a timeless source of enlightenment that transcends the physical realm, offering clarity, direction, and understanding to those who seek its counsel.

The Oracle serves as a bridge between the earthly and the divine, channeling the vast expanse of cosmic knowledge and ancestral wisdom directly to the seeker's soul..

One moment you're pursuing paths that don't resonate with your soul, and the next, you're lost in distraction, drawn to fleeting promises that lack the depth of the Oracle's wisdom.

But keep in mind: there's a more aligned way

to navigate this.

Precisely how to craft not just one, but an entire collection of transformative spiritual experiences.

…quickly and without sacrificing your mental harmony.


Our guiding principle is straightforward.

We segment your journey

so you can navigate it effortlessly.

Detailed, step-by-step blueprints for sought-after spiritual offerings, including live coaching (both 1:1 and group sessions), oracle card readings, activations, intuitive downloads, and the cultivation of spiritual gifts, plus guidance for advancing into the exploration of other realities.

Complete toolkits and support materials for every detailed step, facilitating your path to enlightenment.


Merely 3 easy phases

Begin your spiritual journey with The Oracle Temples - The Oracle Deck for under $10. This initial step invites you to awaken to the profound wisdom and insights the deck offers, setting the foundation for your transformation

Align your energy and intentions with the sacred practices and teachings available through our Goddess Temple Membership and 12-Month Oracle Temples Membership.

“Know Thyself, Be Infinite.”



This stage is about harmonising your inner self with the cosmic rhythms and the divine feminine, guiding you towards deeper understanding and growth.

Ascend with The Oracle Advanced Program to reach your spiritual peak. This key experience taps into the oracle's full power, goddess energies, other realms, and spiritual tools for profound growth. Discover unconditional love and the unity of all within you.

Meet your guide...

I am Ann Varney,

Awarded Leading Spiritual Teacher & Coach 2023

Ann's journey weaves together the wisdom of shamans, rinpoches, Native Americans, druids, and the insights from a Masters in Psychology, enriched by 15 years of spiritual mentorship with Masters.

Her global pilgrimage to ancient temples immerses her in profound downloads and activations, channeling the ancient knowledge and energies of goddesses and alternate realities.

This unique blend empowers individuals to heal deeply and manifest their desires on a grand scale.

We applied the same profound approach to this solution.

It's crafted from our direct experiences in spiritual teaching and observing the hurdles individuals encounter in their quest for enlightenment.

We hope our offerings ease your spiritual journey and fast-track your growth. It's deeply rewarding for us to know we've positively impacted someone's path in a meaningful way.

We guide our students through our signature spiritual programs, offering personalised support and deep individual attention.

"Light illuminates the path of wisdom."

– An Ancient Proverb

What if your Oracle Temples experiences could effortlessly communicate their magic, drawing in those ready for spiritual awakening on their own?

If the Oracle Temples could effortlessly communicate their magic, they would naturally attract those ready for spiritual awakening, offering them a deeply personal and transformative experience tailored to their spiritual journey.


The Oracle Series


Get Our Oracle Mastery Bible for Free

Join THE ORACLE before May 1st 2024

Get our brand new Oracle Mastery Bible - free.

Create beautiful, unique intuitive dreams.

I have a question for you...

What if we can help you

to create just one dream?

I love celebrating our members' wins…But I also love that you get to delve

into the energies of ancient goddesses every month.

The Oracle Temples is for two specific people….


The spiritual entrepreneur, coach and healer that wants to take their energy work and intuition to another level, not just helping themselves but others too.


The spiritual entrepreneur, coach and healer that feels stuck and wants to raise their vibration and show other people the real truth about spiritual realms.

What is Oracle Temples?

Oracle Temples is a spiritual platform led by Ann Varney, offering a range of programs designed to deepen your spiritual connection, enhance personal growth, and empower your journey through ancient wisdom, oracle card insights, and transformative teachings.

How do I start with Oracle Temples?

Begin your journey by joining our introductory offering, the Oracle Deck, for less than $15. This initial step invites you into the world of Oracle Temples, providing a foundation for awakening and exploration.

What programs are available within Oracle Temples?

We offer a variety of programs tailored to your spiritual journey, including:

The Oracle Deck: A gateway to divine wisdom and insights.

Goddess Temple Membership: One Month access to exclusive content and community.

12-Month Oracle Temples Membership: A comprehensive year-long journey with monthly themes.

The Oracle Advanced Program: An intensive 16-week program for deep spiritual practice.

Can I join Oracle Temples if I'm new to spirituality?

Absolutely! Oracle Temples is designed to welcome individuals at all stages of their spiritual journey, from beginners to those with years of experience. Our programs are crafted to meet you where you are and guide you to deeper understanding and growth.

How do I access the programs and resources?

Upon joining any of our programs, you'll receive access to our online portal where all materials, including workbooks, audio sessions, and additional resources, are available for you to explore at your own pace.

Are there live sessions or community support?

Yes, we offer live sessions, especially in our Oracle Advanced Program and through our Facebook group, where you can connect with Ann and like-minded individuals for support, insights, and shared growth.

What makes Oracle Temples different from other spiritual programs?

Oracle Temples is uniquely rooted in Ann Varney's extensive experience and spiritual journey, blending ancient wisdom with practical insights. Our focus on the oracle's power, combined with personalised support and a vibrant community, offers a transformative experience unlike any other.

How can I get a mini oracle card reading?

As a special gift to our community, Ann offers mini oracle card readings. Simply draw a card from your Oracle Deck and share it in our Facebook group or during a live session for personalised insights.

For any further questions or guidance, feel free to reach out directly through our contact page or join our Facebook community for ongoing support and inspiration.

Join the Oracle Temples to create magic


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